How I use Doterra Essential Oils in my Practice and Life

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I am currently in Ireland on a Derek Oneill retreat. I just finished my training to teach the Rising Star Healing System and a request for an interview about my use of essential oils in my healing practice came in.

In my massage sessions, I like to run geranium, the emotional soother, in the diffuser.  I will grab basil & apply it directly on the sorest points for trigger point release.  I love feeling inflammation melt with oregano. I use it on the low back and shoulders often.  Some oils need to be diluted with a base oil.  I use organic coconut oil.  I get to know each oil before using them. The massage blend Deep Blue was very helpful for a client who couldn't take pain meds during her hip replacement.  For some people Deep  Blue can feel hot, so I dilute it and do a small test spot. Whitefir is my little bone feeder, the neck vertebrae really eat it up.  Lemongrass is my fascia, tendon and whiplash go to.   Thyme is the mover and shaker in chronic, frozen or stagnant regions. I can feel it clearing the gunk out of areas that need movement and cleansing. It is also my dairey detox go to.  The feet are farthest from the heart so they can have the most infection, bacteria etc.  I believe arthritis is infection. I use thyme, oregano or Onguard to clear foot pain.  I put it right over the joints. 

We fell in love with a dog on Facebook in a shelter in North Carolina and brought him to Oregon.  When he felt unsettled, I would open bottles for him to pick.  He chooses vetiver, orange and lavender often.  His choices change depending on what's going on, he always comes around for a sniff treatment.

While my daughter has been in finals at high school, she does frankincense on her neck/brainstem and forehead for cognitive support.

I have the oils here on my trip in the mini bottles so I can have my entire collection for anything that comes up.  Ireland has incredible food and clotted cream, (whipped cream), so the Slim and Sassy has been a big star on this trip. I used Intune to connect more deeply during the Derek Oneill retreat and other oils used for thousands of years to connect to divinity, at the Creacon Wellness Center for meditation and some courses.

It is exciting to be headed back to Ashland, Oregon with my new teachings.  My intuition is clearer now.  I look forward to doing more Rising Star Healing sessions and to offer Rising Star trainings when I get back.  It will be fun
to see how my awareness affects my use and understanding of the oils in my bodywork and coaching sessions.  I plan to focus more on the emotional healing aspects if the oils.

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