About Beka Chandler, LMT

Beka Chandler Massage and Healing Beka enjoys blending massage therapy with the healing arts. She is best known for her breakthrough sessions. Some “problem areas” like blackberry bushes won’t go away until the very bottom of every root has been cleared away. This is what she strives for in her session.

Beka's Background and Intro Video

Beka uses an intuitive mix of deep tissue, trigger point release, cranial sacral, and energy balancing. She is very strong, so it is easy for her to work through all the muscle layers. She has worked with various healing and clinical modalities for 20 years. Moreover, Beka enjoys enhancing posture and holding patterns, so as to free restricted and painful joints.

Beka has a bachelor’s degree in Business with minor studies in Counseling/ Psychology, Cross-Cultural Anthropology, Alaskan Native Studies, and Theater from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

Beka was both a student and an instructor at the School of Integrating Shiatsu in Fairbanks. She recieved her N.L.P and Hypnotherapy certificates in Fairbanks also. She studied Cranial Sacral Therapy in Anchorage, and Therapeutic Yoga in Santa Barbara, California.

Beka has performed healing work on animals ranging from swans to sled dogs to horses.

Beka’s current passions are singing jazz and dancing. Her favorite sports is skijoring in the mountains (skiing with 1 to 3 sled dogs tied to a climbing belt). She wants to be a health comedian when she grows up.

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