Tips for Keeping Your Spark While Traveling

Sunday, May 27, 2012 | Return To List

These are tips I have picked up over the years. Some come from getting from one country to another with 30 plus hours in between, clients, naturopaths, you get the idea. There is an immense amount of gratitude in my heart for having the good fortune of getting to see over 25 countries. Recently at a constellation workshop we were asked to sit in order by age. A friend said, "Beka come sit by me, I think I am older than you." She then asked, "how old are you?" I replied "44." "Go skin!" she exclaimed! She sells my friend Destinos incredible all natural skin care line at her famous store Papaya, which I have been using for months. She thought I was at least 10 years younger!

This is what works for me, be your own detective. If a lifesyle change makes you feel, think, look, sleep, and crap better, better to keep it!

Pack ginger tea (anything that helps digestion is a friend for life!) and rinse out travel stiffness with excess water. Don't drink if you are low on water, it flushes old water out of the system. Grapefruit seed extract in pill form (in case you eat bad pork in India or notice people have the puke flu on the bus to Spokane, take at first notice.) On this trip back home to Alaska, I packed Seaweed and nuts in my carry on, always have protein on hand. Great greens tablets or green powder capsules, etc. Always hard to eat enough greens on the road! I learned capsules and pills are better than powders and liquids for trips. Trying to mix liquid grapfruit seed extract on a Himalayan road trip that started at 3 p.m. in Sikkim to get back to the airport in Bogdagra didn't work. My pork symptoms lasted longer than necessary. Rescue Remedy Black Current Pastilles work wonders for stressful moments. If you begin to feel nervous, focus on tuning into your feelings a little more in depth. Dried goji berries is a great power food that is not too sweet. Stevia is great when avoiding sugar. A water bottle is always good to carry on late night walks. Sonam, our Bhutan guide, said "Don't go towards a yak, they will think you are going to kill them and stomp on you." Then, we saw a group of large animals nearby in the dark. I like glass best, then no plastic or metal leaching. Overseas however, I take metal. Take probiotics every night in a perfect world. Now everyone is saying kimchi or saurkraut is much more powerfull than pills. Yogurt is good if dairy doesn't give you migraines, mucus, or stiffness but be sure to watch the sugar levels. I like it plain with stevia, and frozen berries. Make sure the container says live and active cultures, and the best has cream at the top. Yogurt is better than milk because it has been digested by the probiotics, kefir has even more probiotics. Daily vitamins, and I am starting to get into enzymes. As soon as possible, get to a store with an organic, health food section and buy a huge plastic box of pre-washed organic lettuce, lemons, and frozen sheltons pre-cooked turkey dogs. These are my travel staples. Oh also electrolites, I like the lite Emergen-c packets with no fructose and MSG. Remember if you are eating lots of green stuff, you are doing great!! On vacation now, so not really interested in editing! Thanks folks for all of your support. What the heck fish oil pills (cod liver oil is the best) and vitamin D if it is cloudy where you are going.

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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