SI Joints, How Massage & Exercise Can Improve Your Low Back Experience

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SI Joints, How Massage & Exercise Can Improve Your Low Back Experience
     Getting to know your SI joints is easy and can take the mystery out of many low back and hip issues.  Think of the sacrum as an upside down triangle, where your hips meet your back are two little joints on both sides of your sacrum.  They feel kind of like little ridgy clam shells and they are right under the cute little dimples in your low back.  If you poke them strongly and they hurt, some fun and easy SI joint exercises will do you a world of good.
     Once you learn where they are and the exercises to fix them you are empowered for life.  Some movements can be done while sitting at work, in bed or anywhere really.  While sitting, open your legs wide and put your fists on the inside of both thighs.  Use your strait arms to resist while you "Squeeze the beach ball".   This feels especially good on the outsides of the SI joints.  My favorite exercise because I named it and it is fun and sticks in the mind is "Separate knee mountain ".   With this move you keep knees together with fists providing resistance on the outside of your knees and pull knees apart.  This massages the joint, especially on the inside of the two joints.  These work the horizontal plane of the joints.  The SI self correct is a super exercise for getting more movement on the lateral plane.  It is probably on tube.  You basically pull your knee to the same side arm pit and hold your knee to your arm pit with your arm while your knee tries to escape and pushes down.  It is good to get checked so you know which side needs it longer, usually the hip that is lower in the front.  
     I am happy to check you and show you exercises during a massage anytime.  If this does not provide relief you may have trigger points or stuck fascia pulling things out of whack.  Always do exercises slowly, engaging your breath and resist to a count to 7 Mississippi.  Try 7 reps twice a day.  Even 2 is better than none.  Best life to you,   Beka 

Remember I am not a nutritionist or a doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor. 

Beka Chandler is a Massage Therapist & Injury Specialist in Ashland, Oregon a really healthy place!,

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