Outsmarting Pain, What to Do When Something Goes Wonky

Thursday, June 7, 2012 | Return To List

I don't think I was experiencing as much pain as some people have. There is a memory of the words, "Oh my God oh my God" being repeated on the worst two nights and changing positions in the tub. My exercise program to date has been suffering from NEP, not enough pain. Here is a rundown of the steps that reversed the pain back out of my body. When I started to go into fearful thoughts, I choose positives. I am eating clean and melting inflammation and old frozen places in my stiff leg. My feet are opening, which is proof of my progress. The best help was visiting a healer who shows me exercise to reverse the inner arch collapsing pattern. To engage my foot strength by pushing my toes into the ground and engaging the outsides of my feet. The old pattern was creating pressure on my pubic bone and hips. Cayanne cream was my best friend. A massage helped. I was doing side plank. Lay on your weak side balance on your forearm and hand, lift your hip and straiten your body. You can slowly pump your hips up and down. While sitting you can press your knees together, straiten your arms and use your fists to hold your knees together. I call this separate knee mountain. You will feel your sacrum and the area on the insides of your SI joints getting fresh blood in and stiffness out. Anywhere you have tissue pain, find the excersizes that move that muscle. Remember muscles hold the bones in place so stretch and strengthen those muscle. You don't have to do every exercize in the world or work out for hours. Focus on the exercises that you can tell are "getting it." Do a short 10 minute routine in bed when you wake up. This is what people with back pain do to stabilize your body. Make sure you are taking long slow breathes that engage your lower abdominal muscles. Test it by pressing above your pubic bone and pushing your fingers out while you breath. Many clients have reported to me that my all time favorite core sound "VOO" has helped. For clearing the swollen frozen spots in your body check out my other entries on this blog. As you eat a cleaner diet you will feel bones and muscles free up and go in place just like the ice melting and freeing up the rivers in the spring like in Alaska. Heat 20 ice 20 three sets ending with cold. I was drinking ginger tea everyday. It pulls out old water so drink water first. Epson salt baths 2 cups 20 minutes only. Look for intuitive body workers, get a massage and see a chiropractor who can also do low force chiropractic. this way you will know they aren't to rough. Acupunture and physical therapy is great also. Before my hip started to hurt, I was doing a daily green smoothy and liver cleanse. My body got open enough to clear my stiff leg. My body choose the best time possible to release my old stuck hip pattern, when I was back home in Alaska visiting family. When I return to Oregon, I am going to do yoga and more strength training, a monthy chiro practice and a season change acupuncture to check on my organs and stay preventative. I will add more to this post and edit it for my upcoming book in the future. Join and you will get announcements my new writings, lectures, dvd's, books and articles. Best Beka

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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