Q's and A's: Hand and Wrist Pain

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To clear pain try soaking in cayenne and epsom salts from pain at the end of a busy hand day.  Try Electrolites.  My favorite is Emergen C brand, it has magnesium, calcium and potassium among other much needed minerals.  The light with Msm is my favorite.  This help's flush stiffness and soreness out of the muscles and cells.  Often our tissues are stagnant and rigid.  Read my other posts on thawing stiffness with alkaline diet.  For clumpy or stiff spots make a fist and thump your arms and forearms with the bottom of your fist like a friendly hammer.  Think of hard painful places in your body like unthawed gum, a few stretches, rubs or thumps will soften the area in most cases.  If there is no bone problem, you are in luck the tissues can always be cleared.  The muscles hold the bones in place.  If you are tight all over like a frozen chicken, don't sleep well, get looser after waking and moving, and or constipated, and or nervous you could be low on magnesium.  Dark leafy greens, almonds, eggs,  and beans are good sources of magical magnesium.  This mineral is the one your body needs to relax the muscles, help the heart and stay calm.  If you start to have loose stools you are taking too much.

Lastly, if the tracking of your shoulders is off it can be affecting things all down the line.  Whenever you think of it, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold or open close repeatedly.  Imagine you are chewing gum between tim and look for hard spots.  Come from different angles and breath into the high spots.  Often we are too strong in the front and we need to engage our back muscles more to hold our shoulders in place.  Put your hands by your butt when sitting and lift your self up using your muscles below your shoulder.  To stretch, face the wall crawl your fingers up as high as you can, stick your butt out with a mild donkey sway back.  Then kiss the wall gently with your armpits.  Melt into all stretch's with your breathing.  Hang out at about 65 percent of your max, feel into your body and wiggle at different angles.  At no time in life should you ever hold your breath unless you are under water.  Remember your full slow abdominal breaths keep you connected to your power.  Feel free to call me for a session to check if you have any  high knots blocking flow down your arms.  The hands and carpal  tunnel are normally easy to clear if you know the right spots to work.  The finger muscles are millimeters thick with out tones of layers.  Elbows work well to clear the palms.  Knuckles work well to clear the fingers.  Move the finger joints in circles to clear the lymph.  Wherever the joint won't circle well like a spoon stirring around a bowl,  congratulations, that is where you need to clear a spot, that is holding you up  I have people stop me on the street and say, "Beka my hand pain is still gone after last year when you cleared it." 

PS these are all just ideas that have worked for me that you need to explore for yourself to see if they are useful for you.  I hope this helps.  Ok, I will tell you the secret spot to clear carpal tunnel is on the pinky side of your inner forearm starting at the pointy elbow area, feel for a tender hard ropey tendon that leads toward the hand.  Get some oil and a thin smooth jade tool called a gua sha, or a pancake rock, something thin, smooth and with a ledge or a knuckle and rub up and down the spaghetti string.  Use oil so you don't give your self a scab.  Do this gently and you should feel the tenderness getting cleared out of the stuffy stovepipe tendon.  They don't get a lot of blood flow.

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.  

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