Green Smoothie The Babyfied Version

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The last smoothie I posted was more of an Avatar, ninja skills, yer ancestors, no fruit sugar or processed food clean smoothie.  This smoothie tastes great and won't accelerate your aging process like the fruit and fruit juice sugar overloaded smoothies some people do.  When I think of these types of smoothies it makes my pancreas cringe and I get a contact lightheaded high.  You can stay fit or loose weight with this recipe.  I do this one on busy days when I might need a snack or miss a meal.

~ (everything organic when possible makes your life more magical, healthy, wealthy, abundant and heals the soil and water where grown and heals your body and the earth)

Sometimes I will put a teaspoon of dried nettle leaf in the blender the night before if it is going to be an early morning.  It is a superfood with tons of nutrients.
1 to 2 cups spring, filtered or alkaline water, more water makes it more hydrating and easier to drink.
2 or 3 stalks of organic celery(cut off bitter leaves), loaded with pottasium and peppy energy.  Good for crampy calves.
Few sprigs flatleaf parsley( my healthiest client is 79, I wish I had her hair.  She says to add this.)  Never juice a lot of parsley, it is good for your nerves but my mom says too much can slow down your body and kill you.  

1 large handful of lettuce  this will keep your energy good at three in the afternoon.
1 or 2 droppers of Stevia depending on your taste.  My friend likes two drops I like ten!
1 cup of raspberries, blueberries or strawberries.  Fresh is best but keep some frozen for backup.
1 cup of hemp, coconut or almond milk non sweetened vanilla.  Hemp is the creamiest but some say men shouldn't do too much of it so tune in to your intuition and mix it up
1 scoop vanilla protein powder.
Put in a Vitamix blender.  They last forever and can munch up anything.  Start on low then go up to high, be sure to give it a few minutes.  Pour into a quart jar.  Rinse the blender with a little water and pour that in the jar too.  If there is too much, put extra in a cup and refrigerate for the next day or better yet, give to a friend!  Rinse the Vitamix twice more with water, no need to wash it.  This is my personal best tasting smoothie with 20 years of field testing for good health, attitude, looks, weight etc.  Since nothing got cooked, when you go to drink it or hand some to your friend, you can shake the glass and say "It's alive It's alive".  Drink your smoothie, feel your cells start to glow, notice how awesome your skin looks and go have fun in your shimmering alkaline state.

I like a vegan one with brown rice and pea protein etc.  Hemp seed is a nice choice.  Veggies or seed proteins are the best choice.  Whey is good but it gives me puffy eyes and a lot of snot if I do it every day.  I like to do Whey every three days with frozen berries and stevia for a skinny shake experience.  Buy the non bitter stevia, not the bitter type of the old days.  Stevia comes from a leaf and helped me kick  my sugar habit. It has no calories and it is very easy to trick your lizard brain into thinking you are eating sugar.  You can grow the stevia plant right in your backyard!    Whey has the master of all antioxidants glutathione.  Sorry if this is sloppy,  I just found an editor.  I do one of these every day and all the good energy is keeping me uninterested in crap food and my thigh fat is melting, Yay!!  My business is booming and I make more money when I eat like this.  Life gets easier.  I did at least 60 massages and healing sessions with no days off getting ready to come home on vacation and had no soreness or meltdowns and I feel great!!  Time for a nap, TaTa

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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