Goodbye Mercury Hello 6 to 10 Veggies 3x's Daily

Friday, August 10, 2012 | Return To List

Mercury it is illegal to put down the sink, or bury in your backyard but we are still putting it in peoples mouths.

I realize I am gaining speed on my personal best life quest. You could focus on yours too it is fun, you already are if you are reading a health blog. Nancy Burton my accupuncturist, whom I hope to link health blog's with as soon as I figure out how, told me for the body to function at it's best, to clear inflammation and get enough enzymes to clear out sticky old grasping ( my words) scar tissue eat 6 to 10 vegetables of differing colors 3 times a day. I am doing this and no surprise all categories of my life are gaining traction. I met a friend who wants to write a play or movie with me!

My dentist who follows an impressive mercury removal protocol, Eugene Robbins said he could tell I was really healthy by looking at my skin and the good condition of my teeth. He will be removing three big mercury fillings in a few weeks so I am doing a heavy metal cleanse, guided by Nancy my newest health Idol. The last time I had fillings of mercury out, my legs felt much lighter and I could feel little nerves in my face opening. Since eating better my massage therapist said my muscles were so hydrated that the tension just melted off with one swipe. No frozen chicken feeling stiff back for me.

Often you can't clear yeast because it is trying to protect you from metals. The veggies are also helping to move out toxins faster and give more energy during the cleanse. This cleanse makes me feel as tired and heavy as an old mule so I am cutting back on massages at work , resting and doing Epsom salt baths.

My mothers friend went to nursing school in her late 50's. She said heart attack victims would say they wish they would have spent more time with their kids. My elite wellness quest is fueled by a passion for fun, wanting to have awareness of my deepest feelings and dreams. I know this helps us to be our best for loved ones our friends and community.

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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