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In the morning I deeply enjoy fertilizing my nervous system with one of my all-time favorite, old steady, salt of the earth, settle my butt down teas. No these things will not make you tired(unless you have exhausted yourself and have been able to block it out of your awareness up until this point. The realization of which is a true blessing because you caught yourself before you ran yourself into the ground before dead stop.) Remember, in a relaxed state is where you get your greatest inspiration and are connected to your true power. Healing and the best life happened in a relaxed state. Tension tamer by celestial seasonings is my old steady. Being on this planet is stressful, this blend of herbs puts B vitamins and other stress fighters back in your body again. Stress likes to eat B vitamins. If things are falling asleep easy, or you have done a lot of sugar or coffee you should think about putting in more nutrients. I tell clients I like this tea. Clients have come back a week later who had stiff necks and shoulder pain and said things like, "Things at work don't really phase me like they used to. I don't get all freaked out. They no longer feel like frozen chickens instead their neck and shoulders are more like goopey baby muscles. When I feel tight neck and shoulder people, I think about stress reducing teas.

When I watch my thoughts and notice i am getting a little keyed up or freaked out or not calm, my automatic reaction is to (try this now) imagine my feet are magnets and they are plugged into the earth and I am breathing up red molten lava energy into my body, much like you suck a strawberry shake throughout a straw. I teach clients when standing to imagine they are plugging each foot into the ground like a three prong plug in. "Plug it in and suck it up" I take a nice full breath and unlock my joints with a little squat much like a human bike pump now that I think of it. Holding ones breath makes us freak out for lack of oxygen. Maybe your body is panicked for lack of hydration easy go drink some water. Maybe you are one of those people with little body awareness that eats no quality protein until way to late in the day and has blood sugar freak outs. How about the people who do super fruit sugary smoothies with juice and tropical fruits like bananas, oranges etc. Even hearing about that and being next to the person freaked me out. Fruit sugar is sugar. It takes the human body thousands or whole lots more of years to change. So eat what your ancestors ate most of the time. Thy weren't dive-bombing themselves into sugar comas. They ate mostly vegetables and free range organic meat fish nuts and seeds and beans and a little fruit. I do fruit about 4 or 5 servings a week. Mostly berries. If you are going to do a triathlon the tropical fruit smoothie is probably a great idea. Remember heroine addicts out of their drugs reach for sugar as the next best things. I am starting to ask people and restaurants if they cut the sugar in desserts by at least 1/3rd if not I quickly loose interest. My friend is a gourmet pastry chef he is going to make me a stevia sweetened whipped cream berrie cake. I am going to freeze and hoard it. Sorry for digressing. If your diet is acidic that sucks. It I go on vacation and eat like and American(think bagels and coffee), I am a nervous wreck. I feel like I am 30 years older, fearful of mystery tumors, you get the point. I get back on big colorful organic salads, lemon water ginger tea, salmon. I realize I don't need my eyelids surgically liftedI just needed to cleanup my diet. I get lean again. My desserty road map skin gets plump and hydrated and young looking again my energy level goes back up and the frozen ice jams of inflammation and pain start to melt and disappear again and my stress level goes down.

Acupunturists and herbalists have great mixtures for stress. I was getting a monthly massage while starting a new business when I relocated my practice none of my massage clients wanted to move to a new state with me. One month I was totally negative and fretting about it. This new business stress has been ongoing for months. Why am I freaking this month only. Then I realized I had missed a massage that month. Make a list of what stresses you out and communicate with someone about it. Best Beka


Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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