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I ended up going to Bhutan with a months notice. What a blessing. The stress of a quick big trip gave me a mild yeast infection. Two different medical intuitive friends suggested the herb nettles to beef up my system along with a few other things. It struck me as important because these two women knew more about health than any other people I have ever met. My new favorite drink is iced nettle tea with organic lemon juice stevia and ice. cold things are hard on the liver and digestion but hey you got to have a little fun. Nettle can be found in bulk in health food stores, it is so full of power it makes the deepest green color almost blue green.

    If your tissues feel tender during sex. eat a more alkaline diet and this will strengthen the tissues. Think less grains and more veggies. people often ask me things they are shy to speak about openly.

    How to poop well If you eat too many inflammatory foods your poop will be hard like clay and could be tearing things along the way. some people notice a bit of blood. soften things up with more produce. When you make great soil you add plant matter to make the soil fluffy. deep colored soil should look like chocolate or coffee. This means you are getting enough nutrients to have a full life experience being your best fertilized self.  If you have to go right after drinking water you need to stay more hydrated. eat enough saturated fats like coconut oil and butter to keep your brain functioning properly and to keep things slip sliding away. I read in a health book once with a good diet you should go number 2 around three times a day. These people are getting carried away I thought. People around the world who don't get modern day stress diseases go three times a day. going to the bathroom when you are eating as as the body was made to takes a bout one minute. Think of dropping cotton balls off a plate. wipe wipe done. good color good form easy means long life. Research caveman diets, anti inflammatory diets, diets of blue zone people (areas where many live over 100) study how your live and body reacts to different food choices and live becomes more magical and fun.

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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