Avoiding Senior Centers as We Age

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Sometimes I eat really good, other times not great. There is a teflon pan in the garbage and three organic lemons on the counter. A level has been reached. My passion for the best life possible finally connected to my daily lifestyle and eating patterns. Somewhere in my mind, the two neuropathways have finally reached each other and are now holding hands. Suddenly, there are health geniuses by my side every time I go for a walk and they tell me new approaches to health on levels I am just starting to get a footing on. When I grow up, I want to be a health comedian. If the jokes aren't funny, at least I will look and feel like a beacon of radiant health as I tell them. Nutrient rich, alive, organic, free range foods bring me special ninja powers. No longer will I space this out. I will stare down sugar, holding my non bitter stevia bottle of courage. As green vegetable smoothies are my witness, I am ready to lead the way for my carbfogged fellow human family. If my grammar isn't perfect perhaps you will only remember the free health tips. Cheers to your best life and you!! Best Beka

Remember I am not a nutritionist or doctor.  Do your own research, check it out and check with your doctor.

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